Frankly, we're not surprised.


Ah, the dream of packing up and heading south. It's not an uncommon one, and according to a report from U-Haul, it's one that more and more people are making come true.

In their annual rankings of one-way migration, two states led the pack in terms of overall growth. And for many people, the final stop, it seems, happens to be A) Below the Mason-Dixon Line, and B) rife with some pretty stellar coastline. According to the data, Texas leads the pack as America's #1 growth state for 2017, with Florida trailing not far behind.

To calculate the rankings, U-Haul measures annual one-way arrivals against one-way departures to see which comes out on top. Texas reigned supreme for the second year in a row, sealing its spot as a major growth center (rising from a meager 39th place in 2015).

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Florida, with its turquoise waters and breezy, warm, climate, has been a longtime contender. After coming in at fourth place in 2015, the Sunshine State has comfortably sat in second for the past two years.

It's worth noting, however, that both states dealt with major hurricanes in 2017, so while inbound traffic remained strong, outbound traffic increased as well.

Obviously, we have all the feels for both states. But which one would you choose?

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