Even as a young girl, country superstar Trisha Yearwood, always knew she was going to make a career out of singing.

"I was very confident at 5," Yearwood tells PEOPLE Now. "So if you would've asked me at 5 what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would've said, ‘I'm going to be a singer.'"

The Grammy-winning artist says she even knew exactly which music icon's footsteps she wanted to follow.

"Well, I would've said I wanted to be Cher, actually," shares Yearwood, 52. "And now I want to be her even more. I still want to be Cher."

"I knew I wanted to be a singer," she adds. "So that would be one of those things that I really had a vision. I believed it. I saw it happening, and I really believed it."

And although she envisioned herself becoming a singer, Yearwood admits she never thought she'd be a lifestyle mogul.

"I never would've dreamed that my love of cooking, which is basic and just gives me joy, and makes me happy and relaxes me… I never would've dreamed that it would have led to these other things and that this is where my life would be," explains Yearwood, who recently teamed up with Williams Sonoma to release a line of mixes and kits.

She continues: "It's been a wonderful surprise and I'm happy because it's something I enjoy doing."

However, since the singer has been focusing a lot of her attention to her new product line, Yearwood, who's also currently on tour with husband Garth Brooks, admits creating new music hasn't been a huge priority.

"With all this other stuff going on, it's wonderful, but music, when you're really focused on one thing, something else kind of suffers a little bit," explains Yearwood, who last released a solo album in 2007.

She adds: "And the tour's wonderful too. But between the tour and the cooking show, music has been a little bit on the back-burner, as far as new music."

But according to Yearwood, that's all about to change next year.

"I've been listening to songs, I've actually been in the studio and I've recorded a handful of things," she shares. "I'm now listening some more, going to go back in. So my goal is to have something out in 2018 and I'm excited."

As for the inspiration for her upcoming album, Yearwood says she looks "for songs that move" her.

"It's very subjective," she explains. "I like songs the same reason you like songs. Sometimes you know why you love a song and sometimes you don't know why you love a song, but you just do and then those songs kind of lead me to what this album is going to sound like, so I'm finding out right now what it's going to be."