You know exactly the cake-like treats we're talking about.

Trader Joe's

Cookies come in variety of shapes and sizes—and everyone has their personal preference. Some like crispy and chewy, while others prefer doughy and underbaked (or, perhaps, not baked at all). But arguably the most controversial cookies of all are the dense, cake-like frosted cookies that somehow all taste identical no matter where you buy them.

If you've ever been to a bake sale, Valentine's Day party, office potluck, or simply the bakery section of your local grocery store, you know which ones we mean. The super-soft sugar cookies are covered in a generous amount of sweet, cream-colored frosting and a smattering of rainbow sprinkles. Just like a spoonful of peanut butter, their thick texture necessitates a nearby glass of water or milk.

How do we know they're so controversial? In February, a tweet describing this type of cookie as "flavorless" went viral, garnering more than 32,000 likes and 19,000 retweets, and sparking a debate as to whether the nostalgia factor made them delicious or whether they were just plain disgusting.

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If you're a fan of the cookies, head to Trader Joe's to try their new variety, topped with sprinkles colored with fruit and vegetable extracts rather than artificial dyes. A pack of 10 cookies is just $3. If nothing else, we guarantee they'll spark good conversation if you share them with friends and family.

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