The country-themed restaurant was also a big part of their wedding ceremony

cracker barrel
Credit: photo by Jeff Greenberg via getty images

Different decades are defined by different events and trends. The moon landing is an indelible part of the 1960s. Leg warmers will forever be associated with the 1980s. And then things kind of fall along a spectrum of importance from there. As far as current trends are concerned, here's a possible candidate for something that will feel definitively part of the 2010s… personal photoshoots in restaurant chains. We've seen senior photos taken at Taco Bell and engagement photos at Chipotle, to name two. Now, you can add Cracker Barrel to that list: A recently married couple has had their engagement photos go viral after shooting at the country-themed eatery.

According to the bride, Ashley, Cracker Barrel played a major part in her relationship with groom, Sam. "Sam took me to @crackerbarrel for our 1st date on August 7th 2015," she wrote on Instagram. "The night went so well, that I asked him to take me once a month for the rest of our lives, and we've kept that streak strong! 26 months down, forever to go." As a result, the Florida couple hired LA-based photographer Megan Abbott to shoot their engagement photos at a Cracker Barrel location. "Inspired by our 1st date, please enjoy our engagement photos taken at our favorite restaurant," Ashley added.

In true Cracker Barrel fashion, the resulting shoot features many of the things that patrons associate with the chain: lounging in rocking chairs outside, choosing their meal from the menu, playing that crazy peg game that everyone loves to hate.

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But the Cracker Barrel love didn't the stop in the photos. At the wedding, which took place this past Wednesday, Sam, a 26-year-old web designer, and Ashley, a 22-year-old film student, integrated the brand into the ceremony. They mentioned Cracker Barrel in their vows, had two Cracker Barrel syrup bottles on their table, and even served breakfast food for dinner in a further homage to that first date.

Despite all the Cracker Barrel tie-ins, a spokesperson for the brand said that the company had no idea about any of this until it heard about the photos just a few days before the wedding. Apparently, a manager gave permission for the shoot, but that's as far as Cracker Barrel's involvement went. Still, that didn't stop the restaurant from congratulating the young couple. The chain sent a hand-picked gift basket including some iconic goodies like a Lodge Cast Iron skillet and Cracker Barrel food items. Sounds like the restaurant already had customers for life, but hey, might as well seal the deal.

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