Today I learned that rhinos are experts at finding Easter eggs, or least the rhinos who reside at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo are.

By Kelli Bender
April 14, 2017
Courtesy Tampa's Lowery Park Zoo

This article originally appeared on People

They are just some of the animals celebrating Easter early. Keepers at the zoo asked kids to decorate watermelons with bright, animal-safe pigments, turning them in to jumbo, rhino-sized Easter eggs.

These treats were spread out in the exhibit the rhinos and zebras share, where the animals were quick to find the cheery surprises. While they were easy to find, they took a while to eat. Some of the animals were fooled by the watermelons' new look, not realizing the "eggs" were juicy snacks until the pigment started to wear off.

Though, once the festive decorations rubbed off, the zoo residents made quick work of the snacks.

On the domestic level, pets across the country are getting a chance to meet the Easter bunny, so they can let him know what they are expecting in their baskets this year.

PetSmart opened their doors to all animals wishing to meet this magical creature, and plenty of pups, cats and even a few lizards turned out.

Among the dogs to stop by to shake paws with Easter's head honcho was a certain special pup. A Connecticut dog owner shared a shot of her senior dog with the Easter bunny on Facebook along with a touching story.

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"Our beautiful fur baby will be going over the rainbow bridge to run and play free once again. We asked them to make her feel beautiful on her last day and they took great care to make sure she was gently pampered and treated with the utmost care and tenderness. They even had the Easter Bunny come early just for her. We will be forever grateful that you all were part of her last day on this side," Kellie Young Summa wrote with the Facebook post, thanking Pet Smart for fulfilling her sweet dog's finally Easter wishes.

This Story Originally Appeared On People