You'll never want to take them off. 

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Comfortable wedding shoes
Credit: Saks Fifth Avenue

You may think the phrase comfortable heels is an oxymoron. But after buying a pair of ankle strap leather sandals for a wedding last summer, I've realized it's possible to wear heels and experience absolutely no pain.

These Sam Edelman Patti Ankle Strap Sandals are unbelievably comfortable. I remember sharing my surprise and excitement with a fellow shopper who also noticed they felt great and would pair well with jeans, too. But to really determine the comfort level of a shoe, I like to stand, walk, and even jog in them. These passed every single test. (Ok—you probably wouldn't want to actually jog in these, but they're so comfortable that I could rush to make a train if I really needed to.)

The friendly 3-inch heel height is ideal—not too tall, but not too short. The nude shade also complements nearly any dress, no matter the style or color. (I've been a bridesmaid a few times, and this is the strappy style and color brides tend to gravitate to—so you'll get plenty of wear out of them!)

These sandals get the ultimate stamp of approval, no matter what the occasion. I dance the night away at all weddings with these on, but I also wear them on any old day with jeans and a tee. And yes, I get complimented on them every single time.

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