Alex Bailey/Netflix

If you're counting down the days until the new season premieres on Netflix, this reveal about seasons three might help ease the waiting pain.

Fans of The Crown devoured the second season and now they're left wanting more palace drama, more romance, and of course, more corgis. While audiences might have to wait a while until season three premieres on Netflix, we have some new information about the next season that could tide us over (for now).

In a BAFTA Masterclass panel in London, creator Peter Morgan revealed that season three will span years 1964 to 1976. And even though he and the producers are sworn to secrecy, he did give two more details: he's currently writing season three and they're filming the next two seasons back-to-back. We did a little happy dance at the latter detail, because that might mean there will be a shorter wait in between seasons three and four.

As fans know, the series will get a whole new cast, and British actress Olivia Colman has already been tapped to take over the role of Queen Elizabeth II. Other actors like Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret) and Paul Bettany (Prince Philip) have been rumored to be potential cast members, but nothing has been confirmed just yet. "We've got Olivia, which is fantastic," Morgan said. "Now we're just embarking on the process of casting." The producers have acknowledged that the casting process has been difficult, "It's hard to recast," executive producer Suzanne Mackie added.

For now, we can let our imaginations run wild with speculation about the next season. And now, that we know the time period, we can brush up on British history to make some plot point predictions.

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