Happy Birthday Drew and Jonathan Scott! 10 Reasons Everyone Should Celebrate the Power Twins

The Scott twins are turning 39!

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Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan are celebrating their shared birthday today. And while their 38th year was certainly jam-packed with excitement between Drew's engagement and and, ahem, their PEOPLE cover, there's already plenty of evidence that 39 is going to be just as magical (pun intended) for the HGTV stars.

In honor of the dynamic duo's big day, here are 10 reasons to love Drew and Jonathan:

1. They're giving their fans exactly what they asked for.

PEOPLE exclusively announced that Drew and Jonathan are releasing their first memoir, It Takes Two: Our Story, in September. "This is about our lives. This is where we started," Drew says of the tome, which will delve into the brothers' personal lives, humble upbringing, and unusual rise to fame.

2. As a fellow Canadian might put it, they started from the bottom, now they're here.

Drew and Jonathan put in a lot of hard work — in a lot of different jobs — to reach their current star status. Jonathan's side hustle, highlighted in this a never-before-seen-video, even got him some little female attention in high school. "We'd be at a party and [Drew] would be like ‘you're not going to talk to anybody.' And I would have this swarm of girls around me because I was doing magic," Jonathan recently told Chelsea Handler.

3. They don't take themselves too seriously . . . like, ever.

The brothers are always down to clown — literally. The twins have the ultimate collection of throwback photos that never cease to make us laugh (and sometimes cringe).

4. They're really just a couple of giant kids. (And they'll admit it.)

Whether on or off the set, the reality stars are never above pulling one over on each other.

5. Even celebrities have no shame about their Property Brothers obsessions.

Celebs from Golden State's Steph Curry to Saturday Night Live's Leslie Jones have admitted to being fans of the show. "I would say at least once a week I get approached by a pro athlete or a celebrity or someone who wants some work done," Jonathan told PEOPLE.

6. They're also pop stars in the making.

The Brothers have released two original country ballads, "Let the Night Shine In" and "Hold On," as well a cover of Flo Rida's "My House."

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7. Drew has Linda.

From their dramatic engagement to the plans for their upcoming wedding, Drew and his fiancée Linda Phan are ultimate couple goals.

8. And Jonathan has Jacinta.

And Drew isn't the only brother under cupid's spell. Jonathan and his girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov are always spotted having fun, although she admits it wasn't love at first sight. "I kind of shrugged him off at first," she tells PEOPLE. But after their first date, "it's been happiness ever since."

9. And they both have J.D.

The oldest Scott brother, J.D., who's also one of Drew's co-best men, is always around to support his younger siblings, often making cameos on their many shows.

10. But most importantly, they have each other.

At the end of the day, it's their twin bond that exceeds all. "Our brand is definitely stronger together," Jonathan says. "When he sits on your head in the womb for 9 months, you're connected."

Happy birthday, Drew and Jonathan!

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