Tayler and Seth Way were all smiles when they wed last October in Berea, Kentucky. And those smiles turned to laughter just months later when finally they got a look at their wedding photos.

Tayler, 24, says she was caught off guard when she first saw the photos from her big day, particularly one which showed her then 6-month-old son Wesson appearing to open his mouth and lean toward her breasts as the couple shared a kiss.

“We didn’t realize that happened at our wedding,” Tayler — who first shared her story with Love What Matters — tells PEOPLE. “It was really funny when we saw it because that’s so him to do something like that! It brought back memories from the wedding and it was a good laugh.”

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Tayler says she immediately showed the shot to family and friends who couldn’t help but laugh at the little boy. The mom-of-one says that although she didn’t learn of Wesson’s stunt until months later, she’s not surprised that her son would do such a thing.

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“He’s always pulling up my shirt. He likes to be the center of attention and wants everyone looking at him,” she tells PEOPLE. “He knows what he wants and he tries to get it a lot.”

Tayler, of Lawrenceburg, says Wesson stole the show at the wedding and spent the day being passed around as the guests were eager to see the little boy.

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“It was very hectic and busy,” she says. “We had to fit in time for him to nap and times for him to eat… it was busy but he made it even busier.”

Still, the boy appeared to be on his best behavior in other photos, as the couple lifted him up and kissed him in the shots. And now 1 year old, Wesson is keeping the newlyweds on their toes.

“It’s been crazier because he’s running everywhere. We’re constantly chasing him and keeping him from feeding food to the dogs,” she tells PEOPLE.

Courtesy Tayler Way

“Our lives are always on the run.”

Tayler adds that she plans to show Wesson the photo when he’s older.

“He’ll probably be embarrassed then when he sees it,” she says.