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No matter how you like them, this one ingredient will take the breakfast staple to the next level.

Scrambled, fried, hard-boiled, or poached—eggs make frequent appearances on our breakfast table (and lunch and dinner, too). We know you never get sick of them, but we can bet sometimes you wish you had an easy way to transform them into something a bit more flavorful and fresh. We've got just the solution: salsa.

Eggs are begging to be smothered in salsa, whether it's red or green, chunky or smooth, mild or hot, jarred or fresh. Slightly reminiscent of the role salsa plays in huevos rancheros and migas, this is the way to spice up your eggs, and we're talking more than just heat. No need for chips or tortillas, unless you want them, of course. Do note, if your salsa is on the runny side, strain some of the liquid to keep it from adding too much moisture to the eggs.

Here are six egg-cellentideas to get you out of your egg rut:

If you're making scrambled eggs, whisk in about 2 tablespoons salsa per egg.

Stuff a cheese omelet with salsa.

Stir salsa into an egg salad.

Top fried eggs with salsa.

Spoon salsa over poached eggs.

Bake eggs in salsa.

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Does all this salsa talk have you in the mood to make it from scratch? Try this Salsa Verde that's not just great on eggs, but also drizzled over steak, fish, rice, or noodle bowls. And for a super easy blender salsa made with canned tomatoes, this one's got your back.

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