Get your brushes ready, it's time to paint the town in this gorgeous shade.

Sherwin-Williams Just Announced 2018's Color of the Year
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Every year, we can hardly wait to see what the colors of the year will be. Recently, our favorite paint companies have been announcing what the official colors of 2018 will be, and Sherwin-Williams just made its big reveal. Without further ado, let us introduce you to the color of next year: Oceanside SW 6496.

The stunning gem shade is a jewel-toned green, which marries deep blues and greens for a striking statement on your walls. Inspired by the Mediterranean, Oceanside will make any space feel like an oasis. You'll be carried away on a tropical vacation no matter your location with just a swipe of this universal shade.

Perfect for a meditation space, a bedroom, or office, Oceanside is just the rich color you need to create a restful and relaxing atmosphere. To test out the newly released color, you can try out Sherwin-Williams' ColorSnap Visualizer to explore how the sea-inspired color will look in your home.

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The best feature of Oceanside? Its versatility. So if you're someone who changes up your home decor frequently, this universal color is sure to mix and match with just about any accessories you'll pair with it, so you don't have to also worry about painting your room all over again. Ideal complementary colors include corals and copper metallic tones, which all are colors found in nature. Try out Exuberant Pink, Honey Bees, In the Navy, or Adrift to start off.

Here's to painting the town in Oceanside paint.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple