The new scent of the summer?

By Arielle Tschinkel
June 22, 2017
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

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After a night out drinking, most of us generally don't want to smell like alcohol. But now rosé-scented deodorant exists, and we simply don't know what to think.

Crazy but true: This summer, everything's coming up rosé, and you can even indulge in rosé-scented deodorant, if you're all about smelling like your favorite warm night glass of vino.

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According to Native Cosmetics, their newly-launched rosé-scented antiperspirant not only smells like our favorite wine, but is all-natural and made without parabens or aluminum…and it pretty much seems like an Instagram dream come to life, if we're being honest.

You can snag the new scent just in time for summer as part of the brand's limited-edition "brunch scents," which was released yesterday, on the first day of summer…natch!

For just $30, you can get three full-size deodorants in Rosé, Mimosa, and Sangria, so you can switch it up if you'd rather smell a bit more bubbly one day or fruity the next.

It seems we haven't quite hit peak-brunch season just yet, so these deodorants feel like the perfect addition to our summer vibes. All we need is a wide-brimmed hat, our best breezy romper, and a big ‘ol glass of our favorite brunch cocktail and we're ready to go.

Grab your pals, head to your favorite Sunday afternoon spot, and enjoy a glass of rosé…no worries if the temps start to rise, because you're covered and happily smelling like rosé all day!

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