In their go-to vacation destination of Vail, Colorado, Ladd convinced Ree to embrace her adventurous side. "We've had a wonderful family trip this week and today's our last day!," she captioned this sweet shot. "To go out with a bang, this guy is making me do some zip-line thing over a huge canyon. Hold me."
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After deciding to air an emotional episode capturing the days following her mother-in-law's death, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond tells PEOPLE "it was hard to watch."

"It brought back the memories of the sadness that we all were experiencing when my mother-in-law died," Drummond says. "We were ultimately so glad that we decided to pay tribute to her on one of our episodes because she's been on the show since 2011. And there are a lot of people that got to know her and love her."

Last week, the Food Network star shared a heartfelt blog post explaining why she wanted to share the personal loss her family experienced.

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"Ladd and I thought about it and said, ‘Look, we can either completely pretend this didn't happen on the show and just not acknowledge it at all, or we can show what's really going on," she wrote.

Drummond also revealed how they found out Nan's illness was terminal on Mother's Day.

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"At that time, while we had been given no timeline, I think we all assumed that we were looking at two or three months," Drummond writes. "We couldn't have imagined that in less than two weeks, she would be gone."

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Drummond, who recently announced she is adding Instant Pots to her lineup at Walmart, says Nan's mother got to watch the special episode about her daughter.

"It was sad. I cried when I watched it, but in the end it was beautiful," she says. "It was just a nice little tribute."

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