Give your Southern home some space. 

10 Things to Toss in the Next 10 Minutes for Quick and Easy Decluttering
Credit: Feng Yu/Getty Images
  1. Socks without a match
  2. Food-storage containers without a lid
  3. DVDs you never watch
  4. Expired coupons
  5. Dried-out markers
  6. Baking supplies you'll never use (i.e. apple pie spice or those three cupcake holders left over from the Fourth of July)
  7. T-shirts that are too big, which you said you would wear to bed but never do
  8. Trinkets from birthday-party goodie bags or the treasure chest at the dentist (mini Slinky toys, tiny erasers)
  9. Ketchup and soy sauce packets
  10. Chipped plates

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