The Queen's Wikipedia page is getting quite a workout these days.

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The Crown, which chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, has turned millions of fans into Anglophiles and royal watchers. As a result, a record number of people are turning to her Wiki for more information. The Queen's entry (which you can find here) was the third most read page on Wikipedia in 2017. It's a bump from 2016, the year of The Crown‘s first season premiere, when she ranked in 13th place.

Of course, although the Netflix hitcovers a lot of ground, there's still reams of information about the 91-year-old monarch's life that isn't included — or is dramatized, leading to curiosity about what's fact and what's fiction. Fellow Crown characters Princess Margaret and Prince Philip also ranked highly, at 37th and 44th place, respectively.

In an annual report published by their editorial team, Wikipedia said the results "speak to the power that entertainment now holds over us."

The two pages that topped Queen Elizabeth in 2017? First place went to the "Deaths in 2017" page, while second place was held by President Donald Trump.

A non-Crown royal made Wikipedia's top five for 2017, too: The Queen's soon-to-be granddaughter-in-law, Meghan Markle, nabbed the fifth spot. (Game of Thrones‘s seventh season took fourth, the spot between the two.)

People also wanted to learn more about Queen Elizabeth's great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, who is the subject of another ongoing series (on PBS), Victoria. Whenever a new episode of Victoria airs, Wikipedia saw a spike in both the pages for the show and Queen Victoria herself. Queen Victoria also ranked in 13th place in 2017 for overall views — the same place as Queen Elizabeth in 2016.

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