By Erin Hill
November 20, 2017

This article originally appeared on People

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are celebrating their 70th milestone wedding anniversary with the release of stunning new portraits, but it was on their 60th anniversary that they shared an even more touching photo.

The longtime royal couple recreated a photo they took on their honeymoon in November 1947 down to the very last detail. But what made the 2007 photo all the more sweet was the fact that it was entirely their idea!

When photographer Tim Graham met the royal couple underneath a large tree within the grounds of Broadlands in Hampshire, he found them studying the original photograph and positioning themselves in the same stances, according to British author Robert Lacey, who is the historical consultant on The Crown.


Sixty years after the original photo was taken, the Queen hooks her right hand through her husband's arm as he gazes lovingly at his bride. And the monarch has the same sweet smile on her face all those decades later.

And the Queen definitely did her homework! In addition to the couple wearing almost identical outfits, the monarch is also sporting a strikingly similar brooch and necklace in both photos.


The newlyweds spent the first part of their honeymoon at Broadlands House in Hampshire, which was owned by Philip's uncle, Lord Mountbatten. They then traveled to Birkhall Lodge, which is on Balmoral estate in Scotland.


As they gather to mark the 70th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth, 91, and Prince Philip, 96, at Windsor Castle on Nov. 20 with a private dinner, the royal family will toast the latest amazing milestone in a lifetime of records.

This Story Originally Appeared On People