By Diana Pearl
September 20, 2017

This article originally appeared on People

Queen Elizabeth may be the United Kingdom's longest-reigning monarch, but in her heart, she's still just your average grandma. Or at least, in her home.

The Royal Family's Twitter account shared a photo of the Queen meeting Governor-General designate of Canada, Madame Julie Payett, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Wednesday. The Queen was dressed in her Scottish best — a tartan skirt, red blouse and cardigan — for the occasion, but it wasn't her outfit that was the star of the photograph.

The highlight of this picture is a peek inside the Queen's Scottish home, where she spends each August and part of September. And for a Queen, the room looks decidedly normal — although perhaps, a bit dated.

Which really, is normal for any grandma, right? See the evidence below.

1. She has comfy chairs.
The color. The pleated skirts. The shape. These couches clearly haven't had an update since the mid-80s, which makes them all the more endearing.

2. She has a lot of books.
The Queen has shelves upon shelves of books! And who loves books more than a grandma?

3. She has a space heater.
For when grandma (or the Queen) gets cold. (And you know grandma gets cold.)

4. The old mantel clock.
She's a literal Queen, so you know her antique collection is seriously impressive.

5. A ship in a bottle.
Look very closely and you'll see it! There aren't too many people under the age of 70 who have these in their homes.

6. A TV.
Because even grandma has to get her binge watch on. Maybe she's seen The Crown?

This is one grandma-ready room — aside from the small fact that it's in a castle, not a retirement community.

This Story Originally Appeared On People