Just spray and wipe! See, with an alcohol base, the Purell multi-surface spray doesn't soak into a surface (it evaporates), so you can use it on pretty much anything.

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About 30 years ago, Purell hand sanitizer revolutionized the cleaning world by giving people a way to clean their hands without water. Purell has been my go-to sanitizer for years, and here's the thing: The brand I trust is completely changing my cleaning routine with its recently launched (and ultra safe to use) Purell multi-surface spray.

While there are plenty of powerful cleaning sprays on the market that I love, and there are a ton of all-natural ones that are 100% safe to use, I'm over-the-moon that one of the most-trusted products to clean hands on the go is entering the home-cleaning department. The best part? It's super powerful against germs, and it's also safe to use around kids and pets. While many disinfectants must remain wet for 10 minutes to work effectively, this spray kills 99.9% of germs in just 30 seconds, and no rinse is required after you spray on food surfaces. This is not a drill!

The alcohol-based spray is one of the safest products you can use. Unlike other ingredients, alcohol doesn't soak into a surface—it simply evaporates. There's no pungent alcohol smell, either. It works on both hard and soft surfaces, so right after you wipe up your coutertop, you can move on to all the squishy toys your baby loves to play with all day.

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Currently, the spray comes in two options: fragrance-free and a fresh scent. You'll be able to purchase at more retailers soon, but you can buy it on Amazon, Walmart and other local retailers.

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