“We did it to get other people excited for adoption. You’re saving a life.”

By Kelli Bender
May 12, 2017
Shelby B Photography

This article originally appeared on People

As the niche world of pet photography continues to expand, we continue to be captivated.

This most recent masterpiece isn’t a newborn shoot or a gender reveal. It’s a celebration of an adorable rescue pup getting a new start.

According to ABC News, Owen the puppy was abandoned in a discarded fridge with his six siblings and mom.

“From what we understand is that they were abandoned in the fridge,” Madison Luscombe, a board member at the South Plains SPCA in Texas, told ABC News. “We don’t know for sure if she had the puppies out there or not. I’m guessing someone dumped them out there with their mom.”

At the SPCA, Owen got the space and care he desperately wanted, but something was still missing. Enter Clarissa Quintana and her boyfriend, Ivan Figueroa, of Lubbock, Texas. The couple had been looking for the perfect rescue puppy for several weeks, visiting the SPCA multiple times, when they spotted Owen.

It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, Owen was still a little too young to be adopted out, so the couple waited. When the puppy was ready for his forever home, Figueroa adopted the dog and had him waiting at home when Quintana returned from a trip to Chicago.

“He kind of recognized me and it was really neat that he could remember my scent. He knocked me down and it was just so sweet,” Quintana said.

After weeks of  searching and waiting for Owen, the couple wanted to commemorate the moment he finally came into their lives for good. Photographer Shelby Beauregard took a series of photos that playfully traces Owen’s journey from fridge to family.

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Along with being a sweet memento for her, Quintana hopes the shoot inspires others as well.

“We did it to get other people excited for adoption. You’re saving a life,” Quintana said.