By Brittany Talarico and Kaitlyn Frey
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Almost everyone has a brow horror story whether it involves over-plucking in your teens or a bad experience with some very hot wax. But now, the beauty biz has cornered the brow market and it's easier than ever to fake it till you make it.

But just because thick eyebrows are back, doesn't mean you should pass up on brow grooming. Keeping your arches in tip-top shape takes work. So we turned to one of N.Y.C.'s most well-known brow experts, Umbreen Sheikh, founder of N.Y.C.'s Wink Brow Bar, to get her best tips.

Avoid Wax

In my opinion, threading is best for your brows, not waxing. I see a lot of people make a mistake with waxing. You shouldn't be stripping your skin so close to the eyebrow with wax. It can make your skin soften earlier, and make your skin wrinkle sooner.

Brush Out Your Brows

I don't know why people don't do this. Just brushing your brows changes the shape and stimulates growth. There's [nothing] more stimulating than brushing your brows.

Put Down the Tweezers

I know the '90s are back in style, but I have a feeling we're never going back to the '90s brows. That was that time when we did it and we thinned [them] out, but never again. I think everyone learned their lesson.

Maintain Your Appointments

You should be going to a brow bar to get threading done with the same frequency. Depending on the cycle of your hair growth, make a standing appointment for every two to three weeks. That's ideal. I think regular threading stimulates blood vessels around your eyebrow areas as well, so it keeps it healthy. But also, don't do anything in between when your home because then you're creating different cycles of hair growth. It only takes about seven minutes to get threading done — not long.

Don't Have Brow Envy

99% of people who want brows want them full. They don't want them thinned. They want this kind of natural, defined look. But it's not about getting Cara [Delevingne]'s brows. You have to create your own brow story. There are so many techniques and products that can get you to where you want. That's exactly why we tagged our entire brand with, "We thread your story."

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