We had no idea you could do this.

By Grace Elkus
This Plastic Wrap Hack Is About to Blow Your Mind
Credit: Basilios1/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

We love plastic wrap for a variety of reasons. It keeps our guacamole from browning, our frittatas fresh, and our DIY granola bars ready for grabbing on the go. It can even help a steak absorb its spice rub or dry marinade. What we don't love? Getting it to roll nicely out of its cardboard container.

It happens to the best of us: you attempt to tear off a clean square of plastic wrap, and you end up pulling the entire roll out of the box. Then, because you no longer have a serrated edge to tear it with, you attempt to rip the piece yourself. We all know it goes downhill from here (and you're left with a tangled mess of unusable plastic).

Luckily, we've discovered a solution, and it's been built into your box all along. On the two ends of most plastic wrap dispensers (and aluminum foil, wax paper, and parchment paper dispensers, for that matter) there are locking tabs called "end locks" that secure the roll in place. The locks are simply punch-in tabs, so all you have to do is press where indicated and the roll will stay secure. Mind. Blown.

If you find yourself with a box that doesn't have end locks, simply use a box cutter or other short sharp blade to cut one yourself. You'll want to cut a "U" shape in the center of the short ends of the box, then press in the flaps of cardboard so that they rest inside the roll of plastic.

Trying to cut down on plastic in your kitchen? Swap the rolls altogether for Bee's Wrap or silicone lids.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple