By Katie Holdefehr
These Are the 3 Most Popular Colors in Home Decor Right Now, According to Pinterest
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And the hues are surprisingly bold.

Paint is one of the easiest ways to completely transform the look of a room without spending a ton of money. And while a fresh coat of crisp white paint always looks great, when you want a change with a little more "wow" factor, consulting the pros can help make the decision easier. Sometimes we reach out to interior designers for their favorite paint colors, but this time, the trend-watchers at Pinterest have revealed what colors they've seen spiking in search. According to the company's 2018 Home Report, these are the colors that are quickly becoming popular and that are likely to start popping up everywhere. Want to get in on the trend while it's hot? Pick up a paintbrush, and let the hues below inspire you.


According to the trend report, search for red home decor is up 217 percent on Pinterest. To work this fiery hue into your own home without it being overwhelming, start with a statement piece rather than painting all four walls. Paint a piece of furniture or a single accent wall, then live with the color for a while. This eye-catching hue will collect compliments from guests, but it won't be distracting for those who have to live with it every day.

Dark Blue

A dark blue hue can work well with almost any home decor style, but the decision to incorporate such a dramatic color can be nerve-wracking. Search for dark blue decor ideas is up 139 percent, so don't worry, you'll be in good company if you do decide to introduce it into your space. If this is your first foray into bold paint colors, remember that a deep hue in an unexpected spot can be just as effective as painting the entire room. Consider painting the ceiling, a door, or a focal point in the room, like a fireplace.

Hunter Green

Green in a variety of shades, from soft sage to deep forest green, has been trending for a while in the work of top interior designers, but now Pinterest is noticing search for "hunter green" spiking 209 percent. While it may sound like a risky color choice, this nature-inspired hue can actually work as a neutral. For a calming effect, try adding this color in your bathroom or master bedroom.

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