Fun, festive, and pretty-in-pink—this Sea Island, Georgia, fête is giving us major wedding fever.

Pink Charleston Wedding Bridesmaids

When a ribbon-clad ceiling, pillows embroidered with fun quotes, beach balls, and flamingo pool floats are all a part of the wedding décor, you know you're in for a fun celebration. Inspired by the client's cheerful tastes, expert event planner Tara Guerard designed a Sea Island soiree that's sophisticated and perfect for a party on the beach. We're seriously crushing on the palette, which—at the bride's request—takes its inspo from the kaleidoscopic evening glow against the glittering Atlantic Ocean. "She wanted to include all the colors of the sunset—the pale pinks, oranges, and corals," says Guerard. Here are more darling details we're saving to our beach wedding Pinterest board:

Pink Charleston Wedding Lounge
Credit: Corbin Gurkin Photography
Pink Charleston Wedding Floats
Credit: Corbin Gurkin Photography

Pool Floats as Party Accessories
You don't have to be in a swimsuit to have a ball with inflatable beach toys. On the alfresco dance floor, glittering beach balls and floats shaped like seahorses and flamingoes provided late-night fun and photo opps for party guests.

Pink Charleston Wedding Dancing
Credit: Corbin Gurkin Photography
Pink Charleston Wedding Dance Floor
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Pink Charleston Wedding Ribbon
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The Breezy Ribboned Ceiling
The vibrant palette lent itself naturally to fun design details. So when the bride presented an image of a ribbon installation over a dining table as inspiration, Guerard ran with it, creating a large sunset-colored display as a centerpiece to the elegant draped ceilings. "Being on the ocean, the whole thing fluttered in the wind," said Guerard. "It was so fun!"

Pink Charleston Wedding Trees Couple
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Pink Charleston Wedding Tent
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The Majestic Setting
Leave it to the Georgia trees to create an all-natural backdrop for A-plus wedding photos. Just outside the reception, a peaceful white-sand beach provided an equally romantic photo location. To maximize ocean views from the reception, Guerard had the dance floor raised 2 to 6 feet off the ground.

Pink Charleston Wedding Flowers
Credit: Corbin Gurkin Photography

The Ombré Flower Display
Continuing the sunset-inspired palette, Guerard created a living wall along the bar, alternating leafy greens with pink and coral-colored roses arranged in an ombré design.

Pink Charleston Wedding Napkins
Credit: Corbin Gurkin Photography

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Decorating With Quotes
To personalize the décor, Guerard had cocktail napkins custom made and pillows embroidered with some of the couple's favorite fun quotes, including "Champagne is always the answer" and Dirty Dancing's "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." "It's a great way to customize to the bride and groom and make it feel special," says Guerard. "The guests loved it!"

Pink Charleston Wedding Cake
Credit: Corbin Gurkin Photography
Pink Charleston Wedding Beach Couple
Credit: Corbin Gurkin Photography

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