We can't get over how easy it is.

Between birthdays and bake sales, the task of baking cakes and cupcakes comes up surprisingly often. And though many of us would prefer to make something homemade, the thought of piping on the frosting can feel very intimidating. Luckily, Pillsbury just released pre-filled pastry bags that are perfect for home cooks who want to step up their homemade creations—without too much extra work.

The new Filled Pastry Bags are the first of their kind. Each bag is filled with 16 ounces of frosting—the same amount as the classic tubs. Flavors include cream cheese, vanilla and chocolate fudge. Plus, there's a star-shaped tip attached to the end of each bag so that even the most novice bakers can look like pros. They're available at stores nationwide for $3.49.

"The Pillsbury Filled Pastry Bag allows everyday bakers to elevate their treats with inspired designs,' Maribeth Burns, Vice President, Corporate Communications, The J.M. Smucker Company, said in a statement. "We're excited that this new product helps baking enthusiasts focus on creating memories with family and friends without the hassle of making everything from scratch."

We brought the tool into our test kitchen to try it out for ourselves. Having the perfect amount of frosting already in the bag, as well as the star tip attached, made the process quick, approachable, and mess-free. Though the packaging claims you can make stars and waves, we found keeping it simple and piping a pretty swirl was the best approach. To achieve the look, hold the pastry bag vertically above the center of the cupcake, then move outwards in a spiral shape as you pipe until the top of the cupcake is fully frosted.

Though it's convenient, the product isn't great for anyone who prefers to make frosting themselves (you can't put your own frosting into the bag). But with pastry bags (as a substitute, you can use a zippered plastic bag) and a star piping tip (less than $5), you can easily pipe homemade frosting. Simply snip a small hole at the tip of the pastry bag and insert the star tip. You want the hole to be large enough so that the ridges of the tip are exposed, but not so big that the tip slides out. Fold down the top of the bag a few times and fill it about halfway with frosting—if it's too full, the frosting will spill over the top. Unfold the cuff, twist the top of the bag shut, and pipe away!

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple