By Erika Owen
April 14, 2017
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Perfume is a very personal choice, hand-picked by someone looking for just the right scent. And it's less about what other people should smell, and more so about the wearer's preferences. But what if you're looking for a perfume that does just the opposite and smells like nothing at all? There's a scent for that.

Not A Perfume by Juliette Has a Gun is meant to bring out the wearer's natural scent instead of adding to it. Made with only one ingredient — Cetalox — this perfume is the definition of "back to the basics." Cetalox is used in laundry detergents and is often the base of many perfumes.

I know I mentioned that it smells like absolutely nothing earlier, but it does have a slight smell (I mean, everything does).

Once spritzed, Into the Gloss describes it as "lightly musky, barely sweet, powdery, very clean and warm..." In other words, this might just be the perfect perfume for frequent fliers who really can't give up a scent just because of a few hours in close quarters with strangers.

Want to try it for yourself? You can buy Not A Perfume on

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(Disclaimer: We don't recommend going heavy on any kind of scent — even if it's barely a scent — when you're about to step on an airplane.)

This Story Originally Appeared On Travel + Leisure