It does it all, from mixing dough to spiralizing veggies.

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Appliance Replaced Everything on My Kitchen Counter
Credit: Ninja

I test hundreds of products each year for Real Simple's Little Helpers feature and often I come across products that claim to do many tasks all in one. I gravitate toward these types of items because they save space and cut down on the clutter—but in my experience, you usually sacrifice some level of quality by outsourcing multiple jobs to one product. That's why I was happily surprised by the Ninja Intellisense Kitchen System, which really does have the ability to do many tasks in one—and do them well!

The machine comes with four dishwasher-safe attachments: a 72 oz. Total Crushing Pitcher, 24 oz. Single-Serve Blender Cup, 8-cup Precision Processor Bowl with dough hook, and an Auto-Spiralizer. All of these connect to a smart base. What makes it smart? The base's touchscreen recognizes the attachment andoffers you pre-set functions (no more endless pulsing to achieve the right salsa consistency!).

So when you attach the blender you'll be given the options to make a smoothie, frozen drink, ice cream or even a snow cone. The food processor attachment can chop, process dough with a hook attachment or make dips. Like being in control? No worries, you still have the option to pulse or use low/high power settings for any attachment (with the exception of the spiralizer). Speaking of the spiralizer, it was the attachment I'm most impressed by. Because there's so much power behind the machine, it can turn potatoes into curly fries in just a few minutes.

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On a recent Saturday, I whipped up a smoothie for breakfast, spiralized zucchini to bulk up a chicken soup and mixed sugar cookie dough for a holiday exchange, in record time and without having to crowd the counter with multiple appliances. It's quickly become the most-used appliance in my kitchen, where my boyfriend and I cook daily.

All that said, I will tell you that it can be a little on the noisy side. But with all the time I've saved using it, I'm willing to let that little detail slide.

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