This game-changing household hack is making my whole life sweeter.

By Alex Richards
May 31, 2018
Neyya/Getty Images

There are a thousand zipper-top bags in my kitchen. No joke. I use them constantly—to stash rolled-up spare clothes in my kids' backpacks, to freeze cut fruit, to bag all my 3-oz moisturizers and eye drops before heading through airport security. But I just learned about yet another alternate use for large zip-top bags, and it's seriously blowing my mind.

I've got two words for you: Smelly. Gear.

According to Becky Rapinchuk, creator of, a zip-top bag is the secret to taking the funk out of your funky bike helmet and any other nasty sports gear that can't easily be washed. "Put it in an extra-large plastic zip-top bag and place it in the freezer overnight," she says.

How does tossing your stuff a big plastic bag and then freezing it stop the stank? Rapinchuk explains that the bacteria can't grow in the below-freezing temp it takes to keep your freezer cold. All you have to do is leave your stinkables in overnight—and the cold will zap the stench right out.

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As soon as I heard this advice, I took my favorite espadrilles (which were starting to embarrass me when I took them off in public), and tossed them in a zipper bag and popped it in the freezer. The next morning: No bad smell. I was so psyched I practically heard a chorus of angels. On the downside, there's less room for ice cream in the freezer now, but everything from my sneakers to my boxing gloves finally smells a whole lot better.

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