The list of Netflix original movies and shows continues to grow. See what we think about their attempts to break into the crazy-popular Christmas movie realm.


Netflix is getting in the holiday spirit, and we are here for it. Taking a cue from Hallmark, Netflix tested its success with original holiday movies last winter and is continuing the Christmas cheer with even more releases this year. Don't expect to see any of these at the Oscars, though. Like most holiday movies, Netflix's Christmas programming is meant for pure enjoyment. The movies have their fair share of plot holes and cheesy one-liners, but they're guaranteed to make you feel the warm Christmas spirit by the time the credits start to roll. Here are our favorite Netflix original Christmas movies, ranked, as they're released to the small screen.

1. A Christmas Prince

This is the movie that put Netflix Christmas programming on the map. With royalty, secret identities, and, of course, a snowy horse riding scene, it was an instant classic when released in 2017. The story follows the tried-and-true storyline of a girl, Amber, from a small town who falls in love with a prince of a fictional faraway country (in this case, Aldovia). Amber is in Aldovia as an undercover magazine journalist to cover Prince Richard's crowning ceremony. The two subsequently fall in love, but things get messy as the prince begins to unravel Amber's true identity.

If Christmas movies were soap operas, this would be a prime example. Its plot twists and heartwarming message made it successful enough to land a sequel, coming to Netflix on November 30, 2018.

2. The Princess Switch

If The Parent Trap were a Christmas movie, this would be it. (There's even a secret handshake!) Vanessa Hudgens stars in this heartwarming movie about a baker, Stacy, sent to Belgravia to compete in a holiday pastry competition. While there, she runs into Belgravia's future queen, Lady Margaret Delacourt, who is camera shy and apprehensive about her upcoming nuptials to the prince. Lady Margaret looks strikingly similar to Stacy, so the two swap places to give the soon-to-be-queen a taste of the local life in her future country.

From there, chaos commences. It's cheesy, it's slightly predictable, but it left us feeling so much love and Christmas spirit. Add this one to your must-watch list.

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3. Holiday Calendar

Finally, a Christmas rom-com with a plot that has a little originality! Abby is a struggling photographer whose grandfather gifted her a family heirloom, a vintage advent calendar. On the first of December, the calendar mysteriously predicts an adventure in Abby's day and continues this pattern every day after. Abby realizes, with the help of her enchanted calendar, that the love she's been looking for has been there all along.

Holiday Calendar was a refreshing addition to Netflix's Christmas movie collection. Lovable characters and a pinch of holiday magic makes this one well worth the watch.

4. The Christmas Chronicles

Kurt Russell plays a cool, straight-talking Santa in this lovable family film. Two curious siblings find their way onto Santa's sleigh where they are taken for a night of shenanigans with a Santa who's a bit cooler—and thinner—than old tales will have you believe.

The Christmas Chronicles has the star power and producers to be a promising movie (the producers were the same folks who brought us Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Home Alone), and it did not disappoint. If you're looking for a little more action than traditional romantic holiday movies provide, this one's for you.

5. Christmas Inheritance

This Netflix original was released in 2017, and while it didn't receive the same accolades as A Christmas Prince, it returned to Netflix's lineup this year. Christmas Inheritance is the story of a young party girl about to inherit her father's successful gift business. To test her morals, Ellen's father sends her to the small town where he dreamt up his company years ago. There, she meets the people of Snow Falls and is charmed by their kindness and one particular man's selflessness.

This one left us feeling a little bored. Although most Christmas movies are stories retold year after year, this one lacked any originality. The main character was somewhat likable, but several rude remarks from the spoiled heiress made us not want to root for her. Plus, we weren't sweet on the local Innkeeper she has her heart set on. Christmas Inheritance is good background noise while you're online holiday shopping, but don't expect to be glued to the screen.

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