People in these cities spend the most money on housekeeping services.

By Sarah Yang
February 24, 2017
The Jasonville Landing rises above the St. Johns River downtown.
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This article originally appeared on Real Simple

Are you the type to deep clean your house every few months? Or do you clean religiously every week (or day)? Whether you're a neat freak or the occasional cleaner, you know there's nothing better than a freshly tidied house. But sometimes it seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to clean—and that's when it's time to entrust the pros.

To gain a better understanding of housekeeping trends across the United States, the researchers at looked at how people hired cleaning services or professionals—and, specifically, which cities spent the most money on them. Miami, Florida, topped the list of 57 cities, with the average resident spending approximately $1,964 on housekeeping services per year, about 4.03 percent of their median income. Jacksonville, Florida, came in second with an average spend of $2,001 per year, about 3.85 percent of a resident's median income. Louisville, Kentucky; Orlando, Florida; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, rounded out the top five.

To find the total amount spent on housekeeping per year, researchers multiplied "the average number of time a housekeeper cleans that home per year by the number of hours per visit and the average hourly rated listed in the job." The data analysts then ranked the cities based on the average housekeeping spend as a percentage of the city's median income.

Take a look at the 10 cities that spend the most on housekeeping services below, and see how your city ranks on the list here.

  1. Miami, Florida; 4.03% of median income
  2. Jacksonville, Florida; 3.85%
  3. Louisville, Kentucky; 3.74%
  4. Orlando, Florida; 3.74%
  5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; 3.59%
  6. Tampa, Florida; 3.63%
  7. Charlotte, North Carolina; 3.53%
  8. Cleveland, Ohio; 3.49%
  9. Grand Rapids, Michigan; 3.47%
  10. Las Vegas, Nevada; 3.34%

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple