It's called the Nautilimo, and we're smitten.

Florida Keys Pink Cadilac Hero

When you first see Captain Joe Fox cruising around Islamorada, you might think you've had one too many margaritas.

But blink again, and there it is: a pink Cadillac convertible slicing through the calm turquoise waters.

The stylish ride was designed and built by Fox, who offers cruises aboard the 6-seater as part of his Unique Boat Tours business. (The other unique boat? A 27-foot pirate ship.)

Fox has been building boats as a hobby since he was 12 years old. That translated into building soap box derby cars while living in Mexico, and shortly after, the idea of a "boat car" came to be.

His "Nautilimo" is built to resemble a '77 Cadillac stretch limo, with a full-on faux grill and headlights, wheels, and a rear bumper-mounted spare tire holder with the words "Only in the Keys" written on it.

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If you choose to cruise with Captain Fox, tours are customizable, with snorkeling or swim stops, bar hopping, trips to the famed Robbie's Marina for tarpon feeding, or a quiet sightseeing tour all potentially part of the itinerary. And while the Nautilimo isn't known for its horsepower or torque, it is known for turning heads all along the Islamorada shoreline.

Want to take it for a spin? Tours start at a reasonable $60 per couple, plus $10 for each additional passenger. This Story Originally Appeared On <a href="" > Coastal Living </a>

This Story Originally Appeared On Coastal Living