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We won't see Kate Middleton wearing it any time soon, but that doesn't mean red nail polish is dead. A glossy red manicure or pedicure is one of the most timeless beauty looks ever, right up there with a bob and black eyeliner.

If you're stumped on which red to select from the thousands of options available, why not turn to statistics to help guide your decision?

Get this: Twelve bottles of Essie's Forever Yummy are sold every hour. The $9 shade is described as a creamy tango red, which means you can count on it for really standing out when it's painted on your nail. It's the perfect mix between a true orange and a red, like that rorange lipstick you wear every single summer. It pops without totally dominating your beauty look.

Essie Nail Polish in Forever Yummy


That's not nearly the only Essie nail polish with an impressive résumé. Ballet Slippers is approved by Queen Elizabeth herself, while Topless & Barefoot was the most popular shade on Pinterest last year. Three thousand bottles of the barely-there, neutral shade are sold every week.

WATCH: The $9 Nail Polish Queen Elizabeth Always Wears

So whether you want to keep it classic or play with a one of summer's biggest color trends, essie pretty much has your back.

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