Just another way we treat our pets like kids.

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Forget Fido. Dog names are sounding to start a lot like human names (it's no wonder we often call our kids by the dog's name). Now a new survey highlights just how big the overlap is. According to HomeAdvisor, a website and app that offers free resources for home improvement, Spot and Rover are out, and Bella and Lucy (the 74th and 55th most popular U.S. baby names, respectively) are in.

The company gathered data—including name, breed, and location of more than 50,000 dogs in the U.S.—from Packdog.com, an online community for dog lovers, to determine the most popular names and breeds across the country. Below are the 20 most popular dog names in the U.S., which could easily be mistaken for a preschool class roll call.

1. Bella
2. Lucy
3. Charlie
4. Zoe
5. Lily
6. Max
7. Daisy
8. Molly
9. Bailey
10. Maggie
11. Lola
12. Sadie
13. Buddy
14. Penny
15. Cooper
16. Sophie
17. Jack
18. Roxie
19. Luna
20. Oliver

The data confirmed that the Labrador retriever is America's most popular breed (favored by nearly 7 percent of Americans), followed by the Chihuahua, the Pit Bull, and the Welsh Corgi. Bella was the most popular name for these four breeds (potentially due to the popular Twilight series), as well as for Australian Cattle Dogs, French Bulldogs, and Bulldogs. Beagle owners tend toward the name Daisy, while Boston Terriers are most often named Zoe. Lola came in first for Pugs, while Charlie is the most popular Golden Retriever name.

Hoping your dog will have a different name than your neighbor's? You may want to pay attention to the trending name in your state. Bella takes the cake in 18 states: California, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, and Connecticut. Lucy dominates 10 states, Charlie is the frontrunner in six, and Molly, Lily, and Zoe all reign supreme in three. Some states stand alone, such as Hawaii, which favors the name Maka.

Be sure to check out the full results of the study, which include the most popular dog breed in every state.

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