By Lucy Abbersteen and Look
November 20, 2017
Credit: Look Magazine

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Let's be honest, we all know what it means to wake up with bad morning breath. It happens to even the very best of us, and is a gentle reminder about the importance of oral hygiene.

But have you ever stopped to wonder why we're all cursed with less-than-sweet-smelling breath when we first wake up?

Well, we finally have some answers to the (slightly stinky) dilemma.

Ever wake up with a really, really dry mouth? That kind of answers your question.

When we're awake, saliva tends to wash away most of the odour-causing bacteria in our mouths, explained prosthodontist Mazen Natour to Men's Health.

At night, you don't produce a whole lot of saliva while you sleep, which means the bacteria don't get washed away – resulting in, you guessed it, bad breath.

Of course, if you sleep with your mouth open or snore, this can make things even worse in the morning breath department, Natour added.

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But either way, bad breath in the morning is a regular occurence for all of us, and is nothing to be ashamed of – albeit a reminder that you should never forget to brush your teeth first thing.

You learn something new every day, hey?

This Story Originally Appeared On Look