By Eric Todisco
June 13, 2019

Get ready to doggie paddle in style!

Thanks to pet product brand Albabara, dogs can swim like mermaids all summer long with this new life jacket, which perfectly fits pups and allows them to look adorable while they go for long, safe swims.

The sparkly and bright life jackets take the shape of a mermaid, and come in a variety of colors, including orange, green, purple, and blue.

The jackets are available on Amazon for $25.99, and come in small, medium, and large sizes with adjustable buckles to keep dogs comfortable as they take on pools, oceans and lakes.

So far, the product has rave reviews on Amazon, with one customer giving it five stars, and writing, "Looks sooo pretty on my Shiba puppy and super sparkly under the sun! It helped her learn how to swim on her first kayaking/paddle boarding trip. Love how it doubles as harness as well."

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"I ordered this mermaid life jacket for our dog, Tiny," another reviewer wrote. "It matches my daughter's mermaid tail perfectly!!!!! Not only does it look cute, but this life jacket actually works. I felt safer knowing that I could grab Tiny out of the water by a thick large handle sewn into the life jacket. It helped Tiny to stay afloat as he swims. Another great feature is that you can hook the leash to it like a harness."

The product offers a neck pad to help support your dog's neck while swimming, and thick foam to help you pooch float along through the water.

The life jacket's description also states that, regardless of how many times washed, the color of the jacket will never fade.

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