The first alleged 2018 Shamrock Shake pic landed on Twitter almost two weeks ago.
shamrock shake for st patricks day
Credit: Courtesy of McDonald's

McDonald's McCafe Shamrock Shake—the green-hued blend of vanilla soft serve and the fast food brand's enigmatic "Shamrock Shake syrup" that was first launched way back in 1970—has become as much of an annual St. Patrick's Day tradition as drinking green beer until you forget that you went to McDonald's and ordered a Shamrock Shake. This year, McDonald's has announced that the limited-time-only, seasonal product is officially set to return at participating locations tomorrow—February 21—but a quick look on Twitter shows that some stores have unofficially jumped the gun on giving people their green shake fix.

Assuming you trust Twitter user Diesel Farm Girl, Shamrock Shakes have been out in the wild since at least February 7, when she tweeted that "PSA: the shamrock shake is back," and posted a photo of what would appear to be the earliest documented photos of the green shake on Twitter this year…

Other alleged sighting started rolling in a couple days later. "First Shamrock Shake of the year last night so we must be getting closer to spring!" posted Camden Proud, who's listed as being from Oswego, New York. The same day, Mike Betts, listed on Twitter as being from New Florence, Pennsylvania, posted a similar sentiment and photo. "First shamrock shake of the year!" he wrote. "Ohhh sooo good!" Additionally, user Miranda posted, "My sister surprised me with a #ShamrockShake tonight." With three photos landing on Twitter in one day, it would seem that the Shamrock Shake cat was almost certainly out of the bag in plenty of places almost two weeks ahead of schedule.

However, starting tomorrow, locating a Shamrock Shake will be a lot easier than scrolling through Twitter and trying to use background details to deduce where the tweet was sent from. New this year, McDonald's is launching an official "Shamrock Shake Finder app" for iOS and Android phones. "Fans simply need to download the app and from there, locate participating restaurants locations, swap Shamrock Shake-themed stickers and raise a shake with friends to toast St. Patrick's Day," the burger chain explains. "In addition to helping fans find the nearest Shamrock Shake, the app also features a brand new camera mode, featuring an augmented reality (AR) experience for iPhone X." Finally, that thousand bucks you spent on your new iPhone X is paying off!

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