By Shay Spence
November 20, 2017

This article originally appeared on People

Matthew McConaughey saved some lucky residents of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, a few bucks on Thanksgiving dinner this year.

As part of his partnership with Wild Turkey, the Dark Tower actor delivered over 4,500 Butterball turkeys to various homes in the town of 11,000, where the bourbon company is headquartered.

He had previously teased the endeavor on his Facebook page, but now the full video is available (above) — and the reactions are as sweet as you'd imagine.

"Look at me, I'm shaking! I don't shake," one woman said. "Do you have celebrity status insurance liability for people who are going to have heart attacks?," another man joked.

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At one point, he even crashes an unsuspecting bridal party. "You said you wanted a turkey on your wedding day, right?," the actor quipped.

Whether you got a special delivery turkey from a super-famous actor or, you know, bought one from a grocery store, now's the time to start planning your cooking method—and we've got the perfect suggestion.

This Story Originally Appeared On People