Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service

A Maryland dog owner has a new understanding of "man's best friend" after his two pooches heroically saved his life during their most recent playdate.

On Monday, Pete Piringer, the Chief Spokesperson for Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service in Maryland, confirmed an incident involving a man and his dogs at the Potomac River near Brookmont Dam.

After finding himself "hopelessly stuck in mud," Piringer said the man's dogs took matters into their own paws and alerted a passerby cyclist approximately 50 yards away.

Luckily, it was just in time, as the man was safely extracted from the mud with no injuries.

"Man's BEST Friend(s) – Potomac River near Brookmont Dam, 2 barking dogs alert passerby cyclist on @COcanalNPS towpath of man stuck in mud out of sight ~50 yards away (hopelessly stuck in mud)" Piringer tweeted alongside two photos from the day.

"[T]he cyclist alerted @mcfrs rescuers – once extricated/extracted from mud – no injuries rescued by his heroic pets," he added.

Though the man has not yet been identified, NBC 4 Washington reports that he was 87-years-old.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service

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The incident occurred around 2:30 p.m. on Monday, Piringer explained in a video on Twitter after the rescue, noting that authorities received a call about a man stuck in the mud.

The Maryland resident had reportedly entered a muddy, wooded area to retrieve a stick for his beloved pets to play with when he started to sink down to his knees, Piringer told The Washington Post.

After attempting to extricate himself, which reportedly made matters worse, the man began to yell for help.

In the meantime, his two pooches, who sensed he was in danger, frantically ran to the nearby towpath to find someone to rescue their owner, Piringer told the Post.

Amazingly, the loyal pups were able to find a cyclist who they urgently barked at until he heard their owner calling for help from afar. The cyclist eventually followed his voice and discovered the man stuck, knee-deep in the mud.

The cyclist then immediately called rescue crews and stayed with the man until they arrived, Piringer explained in the video.

"Fortunately a cyclist came by and was able to assist and stabilize… until we got there," he shared. "It all ended pretty good."

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Once crews arrived, the man was freed from the mud, which officials said he had been stuck in for approximately an hour, CBS Baltimore reports.

Though he was dirty, the man luckily did not suffer any injuries from the incident and refused medical treatment after an evaluation by paramedics, according to the local news station.

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