I keep it at my desk all year round.

By Liz Steelman
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This Monogrammed Blanket Scarf Is the Best Gift I’ve Ever Received
Credit: Mark and Graham

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

I'm a cold person. A slight breeze can chill me to the bone. I pull out my winter coat earlier than my peers. I wear sweaters when it's still in the 60s. I double up on socks. I refuse to turn my air conditioning on until mid-July. No, I don't have anything wrong with my endocrine system or my thyroid. And yes, I probably should move to a warmer climate, eventually.

Fortunately one place I'm never freezing is my desk, and I can thank an old employer for that. Come visit me at my office and nine out of 10 times you will see me wearing a monogrammed red-and-black plaid blanket scarf draped over my shoulders—it was given to me by my old boss, a former lawyer (who might also be the most thoughtful woman I have ever met) two Christmases ago. As I opened it up, she simply explained, "Because you're cold all the time!"

There are blanket scarves, and then there are Mark and Graham blanket scarves. They are incredibly soft and warm—the perfect combination for a cozy accessory. They're oversized, so you can wrap twice around your neck without creating bulk. I bring mine to cuddle up with at the movie theater and would never ever consider taking it out of my carry-on. Even though I've worn mine every day for the past 600-plus days, I'd consider it one of the more beautiful things I own. The acrylic-blend has experienced minimal pilling. I can even drop it in the washing machine when I inevitably spill my lunch all over myself.

And lucky for those who want to gift the cold people in their lives a scarf of their own, a couple of the designs (the brown color block and the green windowpane) are on sale today for half-off—only $29, with free monogramming! This normally best-friend-level priced gift is now one you can afford to give to all of your friends, coworkers, babysitters, brother's girlfriends, or any other woman in your life.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple