By Natalia Lusinski
June 27, 2017
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Imagine you're getting married and everyone you know is there. Your best guy friend is officiating the ceremony, but, midway through, he stops and PROPOSES TO HIS GIRLFRIEND. Can you believe it?! The internet is now losing it over a man who interrupted a wedding to propose, according to Slate's "Dear Prudence" column. Of course, that is so not cool.

And it gets worse! — you can read more of the bride's letter here.

As you can probably guess, a lot of people tweeted about how insanely MESSED UP it is to propose at your best friend's wedding.

Plus, it's a quick way to go from "best friend" to "worst friend," right?!

What did Prudence have to say?

We know — it's probably hard to imagine reconciling the friendship after such a HUGE blow on ~your~ wedding day. But, at the same time, that is ~was~ your best friend. In any case, it's probably best to keep your wedding proposal personal to you and your significant other and make it into your own special day, not ruin someone else's.

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