You no longer rock the same hairstyle you did in high school, right? Your makeup should evolve as you age, too.

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The One Makeup Mistake That's Aging You Beyond Your Years
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You no longer rock the same hairstyle you did in high school, right? Similarly, your makeup should evolve as you age, too.

But changing up your beauty routine doesn't mean simply layering on more products: In fact, celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder recently told Health that the biggest makeup mistake women make is piling on product, especially powder.

Although many women believe that more powder disguises wrinkles and fine lines better, it often makes them more pronounced because these formulas can leave skin looking dry. Powder also tends to settle into fine lines and creases, which makes draws attention to them.

If you're starting to see wrinkles and fine lines, Blunder says the best way to conceal them is to "avoid using too much of any powder, especially under the eyes." Instead, try switching to a creamy foundation.

One we love: Lanc´me Miracle Cushion Compact Foundation ($47; It leaves skin super-hydrated with a luminous finish.

And if you were using powder formulas to combat oily skin, try using oil blotters like Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets ($5; on your T-zone instead. They can help minimize shine throughout the day, but won't leave skin looking dry the way a powder can.

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