By Joelle Goldstein
August 27, 2019

One Louisiana teen has gone to extremely creative lengths to put a smile on his little brother's face each day after school.

Noah Tingle started the tradition of waiting at the bus stop to greet his younger brother Max when he gets home from school earlier this month, WBRZ reports.

But unlike most people who wait for their child or sibling to be dropped off, Noah, 17, decided to put a creative spin on the task and dress up in different costumes each day to surprise Max, 12, and make some memories with his brother before he leaves for college.

"It's my last year of high school and I saw he was coming off the bus when I was at home, so I wanted to embarrass him," Noah, a senior at Central High School, told the local outlet.

And so he did. Each day, Noah has recorded himself wearing different costumes — he's donned everything from a Santa Claus outfit to a firefighter and football player uniform and even an inflatable gorilla suit — as he greets his younger brother from the bus.

Credit: The Bus Brother

The after-school antics were then shared to a Facebook page Noah created called "The Bus Brother".

Since he first shared the videos on Aug. 24, the brothers' sweet story and adorable videos have gone viral.

"It's gotten a lot bigger than I thought it would be," Noah admitted to WBRZ. "For the amount of people who saw it and loved it, it was just crazy."

The teen also added that after the clips gained popularity, he received costume donations from neighbors and community members wanting to keep his hilarious greetings going all year.

Some of those creative garb donations included a head-to-toe fuzzy sloth outfit and Max's personal favorite, a Chewbacca costume.

"The first outfit was something silly, and then I started to come up with more ideas," Noah explained to the outlet. "I thought I would keep it going, but I was expecting it to kind of be something that me, my friends, my family, and a few other people we know to kind of catch on."

"Then when my mom started posting them, people were donating different costumes and outfits so [I've been] using theirs," he added.

However, unlike the Facebook followers and community members, Max initially wasn't so thrilled with his older brother's antics.

"At first, I was surprised and kinda embarrassed," he told WBRZ, "but now I'm just used to it."

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Though Noah revealed he's unsure how long he'll keep the tradition going, his hilarious greetings will likely come to an end by November when the Central teen starts his final basketball season, WBRZ reports.

Still, Noah said, he hopes that the funny costumes will leave his younger brother with plenty of memories before he heads off to college next year.

Those wishing to donate costumes to keep Noah's tradition alive can do so by reaching out to him via "The Bus Brother" on Facebook.

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