By Jennifer Davis
September 28, 2017
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty

This article originally appeared on InStyle

Are you sitting down? You need to be sitting down. Ahead, we have some of the most adorable photos of Prince Harry that have even been taken, and you may not be able to handle it. While watching the United Kingdom and Denmark volleyball teams compete during the Invictus Games, the Prince encountered a two-year-old popcorn thief.

Here's how it went down: During an intense point, the Prince was casually holding onto his popcorn box when Emily Henson, daughter of former Invictus competitor and Paralympian, David Henson, reached over to snag a snack while the royal and her mother weren't looking. She didn't get away with the thievery, and thank goodness for us because Prince Harry's reaction is absolutely priceless.

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Upon seeing the popcorn culprit, he burst into laughter and was obviously very happy to share his snack with the toddler. Like the rest of the world, she was completely smitten with prince, who was extremely animated and adorable with her, winning her over for life.

Scroll down to see the popcorn thievery and subsequent reaction in photos below.

This Story Originally Appeared On Instyle