A cold stick of butter can really ruin a morning. It's virtually impossible to spread, and can do a number on hot, crumbly toast. Sure, you could zap a pat in the microwave. But if you leave it in there a second too long, you might be left with a puddle of butter, which is just as unfortunate. So what's a butter lover to do? This butter-softening hack might just be the weird magic trick we've longed for.

This trick has been roaming around the internet for a few years now. HuffPost picked up on it in 2015, as did our fave baker, Chrissy Teigen. And Delish just recently tried the hack out for themselves on May 4th to see if it's legit.

What's the hack? You fill a glass with hot water, dump the water out, and place the glass over the butter. The heat from the glass will supposedly soften the butter to the perfect consistency.

Delish found that for a small amount of butter, the hack worked pretty well. The three tablespoons they softened were perfectly spreadable on toast. If you want to soften a larger amount of butter (as Chrissy Teigen did in a 2015 Instagram video), you'll have to up the size of your container and make sure that water is hot, hot, hot!

If, for some reason, this hack doesn't do the trick for your super-cold butter, you can throw it in the microwave and then cool it in the fridge until it solidifies to a soft consistency. Alternatively, you can grate cold butter so it reaches room temperature quicker.

Or avoid all of the above hacks and invest in a butter dish to keep room-temp butter on your counter at all times. You'll thank yourself come toast and baking time.

Test this viral hack out for yourself the next time you forget to pull a stick of butter out of the fridge before baking or spreading. We hope you love it as much as the internet seems to.

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