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The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge
Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton: so effortless, and yet so polished. We can't help but imagine that she wakes up every morning gleaming like Cinderella with her cute little bird and mice friends orbiting around her, getting her prim and polished for the royal duties of the day. Except maybe it's not her cute little bird and mice friends that help her. Maybe it's something simpler and more realistic. Maybe it's a drugstore hair net. (Seriously.)


Before you shoot it down, consider this: The idea that the Duchess of Cambridge uses hair nets to keep her buns smooth and, well, perfect has been circulating around the royal fanbase for years — and we just can't ignore it anymore. Sales for hair nets have been spiking ever since she stealthily wore one after a recent trip to Sweden and Norway with Prince William — this is the Kate Middleton Effect at its finest, my friends.

Think: more Old English proper and less lunch lady dress code. Get the look by choosing a sheer hair net in your matching hair color (available in a 10-pack on amazon.com for $7) and tightly wrap up your bun, no hairspray necessary. Then pair with a pillbox hat for the ultimate Kate Middleton ‘do.

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