What’s better than one Kate Middleton? An entire choir full of Kate Middletons!

By Erin Hill
October 26, 2017

This article originally appeared on People

Introducing The Kate Middleton Choir, a community choir of women who channel their inner princess with every performance, transforming themselves into the royal mom as they sing their hearts out.

The group, which is one of the acts in drag star and performance artist Jonny Woo’s “Un-Royal Variety” show, is led by choirmaster Woo, who also dresses up as a (very pregnant!) Kate.

And each member looks the part. They’ve got Kate’s signature blowout down to a science with their matching brunette wigs, and they each sport replicas of Kate’s now-iconic blue Issa wrap-dress, which she wore to announce her engagement to Prince William.

“Is Kate Middleton representative of women in the U.K.?” Woo asks in a video for The Telegraph. “Through the performance and the songs and the range of women and the music we chose, we somehow have a discussion on this in a kind of joyous, light way, while actually asking quite a profound question.”

The women in the choir range from advertisers to artists, PhD students and documentary producers.

“What I like about Kate is she’s quite relatable,” one choir member told The Telegraph. “She’s not as regal as some of the others. I can almost see myself chatting to her on a normal daily basis.”

And they each enjoy dressing up as the famous royal.

“She’s kind of like a real-life Disney princess,” another singer said. “She is really beautiful and she’s not controversial…there’s nothing offensive about her.”

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The Kate Middleton Choir is gearing up for a set of performances at the Hackney Empire in London on Nov. 3 and 4. And while the real Kate (who is no stranger to choir performances!) won’t be in attendance, her lookalikes are doing her proud.