By Megan Stein
May 03, 2018

Chip and Joanna Gaines are bringing it back to their newlywed days.

In the summer issue of theirMagnolia Journal magazine, the expecting mom — who is pregnant with their fifth child, a boy — opens up about a recent impromptu road trip she embarked on with her husband.

"Chip and I have a standing date night once a week. We usually choose to stay close to home and rotate through our favorite dinner spots," she said. But, "when a free afternoon presented itself on a recent Saturday, we decided to explore a little town about 40 miles away."

They usually got to the town, Clifton, Texas, via the highway, but Chip being Chip decided they should "take the back roads instead."

"I protested only for a minute and then realized that we had nowhere we needed to be and nothing but time," she said.

Once they embarked on their adventure, she realized that the trip was reminiscent of another sentimental journey they took together.

Credit: The Magnolia Journal

"The beginning of our drive reminded me of our honeymoon, when we road-tripped up the New England coast, stopping in small towns and taking part in whatever happened to be that city's claim to fame," she recalled. "That was probably our favorite trip ever."

With four kids, a plethora of businesses and a wildly popular HGTV show (Fixer Upper ended in April), it hasn't been easy for the Gaines parents to be as spontaneous as they used to be. "It's become more difficult to make a point to just get lost and find our way back together," she admitted.

But as they stopped into cafes, perused thrift stores and caught a movie at a vintage theater, both were reminded of their first days starting out — and how close they've grown since.

"This day felt like our honeymoon in more ways than just the familiarity of driving along unknown roads," she said. "We were explorers again, finding our own way, still hand in hand."

For the full details of their romantic day jaunt, pick up summer issue of The Magnolia Journal, on newsstands now.

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