Chip and Joanna Gaines have some competition!

The Fixer Upper stars have an incredibly loyal following (see: the heartbroken reactions to the announcement that they're ending their hit HGTV show). But one dedicated fan just proved herself to be the number one Gaines enthusiast — and might even need a show of her own!

On Tuesday, Dr. Kwandaa Roberts, who runs the Instagram account Tiny House Calls, caught the attention of Joanna Gaines with a stunning decorating job inspired by the star's "modern farmhouse" style. Her canvas? The dollhouse from Chip and Joanna's Hearth and Hand by Magnolia line for Target.

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

"I can't get over this amazing doll house finish out?!?" Joanna exclaimed on her Instagram stories, sharing a photo of the unbelievable finished product, which boasts faux-marble countertops, rustic light fixtures and, yes, shiplap on its multiple levels.

The waterfall island and white subway tile arranged in a herringbone pattern in the kitchen are straight out of Joanna's playbook. Not to mention the wood cutting boards and floral arrangements that Roberts incorporated for extra charm. "Can't get over the tiny details," Joanna said.

Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Roberts, an OBGYN and DIY expert according to a profile on lifestyle blog the Chipped Manicure, picked up the children's toy — which happens to be a favorite of Jo's from their collection — and completely remodeled it in the famous designer's signature style. She even had a mini demo day, according to the site, removing walls and filling in steps so she could have a second bathroom.

Joanna Gaines/Instagram

The occupants of this adorable abode are indeed the "luckiest dolls ever" for getting to sit pretty in this living room, sporting an antler chandelier, wood beams, built-in bookshelves and a gingham chair.

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The "mini bathroom" is just as stunning, with two types of tile detailing (hexagon on the floor, subway in the standing shower) and a copper covered soaking tub.

Joanna Gaines/Instagram
Joanna Gaines/Instagram

"Smallest shiplap I've ever seen but I love it," Joanna gushed about the master bedroom.

According to Chipped Manicure blogger Stacey, who spoke to Roberts, the caged light is actually a chicken coop from eBay, and the gingham wall treatment a piece of scrapbook paper. The designs for tile and flooring throughout were printed on photo paper.

Joanna Gaines/Instagram
Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Perhaps the most impressive detail, though, is the inclusion of Chip's book, Capital Gaines, and the couple's magazine, The Magnolia Journal, which Joanna "spotted" on the bedside table and next to the couch.

"Where do I sign up for my mini Magnolia Journal subscription?!" Joanna wrote.

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Although she's already garnered attention from her HGVT idol, it sounds like Roberts is still unsure of what she's doing to do with her masterpiece.

"Right now the house is just for me," she told the blog. "I may be persuaded to give it to Joanna should she ask me."

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