Her kitchen meets all of our #homegoals.

By Katie Holdefehr
March 09, 2018

Although Jennifer Garner only joined Instagram in September, she's quickly become one of the most entertaining celebrity accounts to follow. Rather than just post pictures from her day or latest adventure (don't worry, she posts those, too), she's created two video mini series for her fans to follow. The first is an Ina Garten-inspired "Pretend Cooking Show," where she whips up bagels and bread, and the second is called "Books With Birdie," when she reads books to her golden retriever, Birdie. Both shows are hilarious, but perhaps the best part is that they provide a glimpse inside Garner's California home—and no surprise, it's stunning.

Take a peek inside her beautiful kitchen and cozy living room, below, then follow her Instagram account to catch new episodes as they're posted.

As Garner continues her quest to make the perfect bagel to the tune of The Great British Baking Show, it's hard to stop staring at the beautiful backdrop behind her. Marble countertops, a big stainless steel range, white subway tiles, and pretty cabinets combine in this dream kitchen. And when the camera switches to overhead, we get a peek at the hardware flooring underfoot.

In another episode of her cooking show (this time she's tackling an English muffins recipe), we see the kitchen from a fresh angle. Upon closer inspection, those gorgeous marble countertops lead up to a luxe marble backsplash. Behind the star, you'll spot her double wall ovens used for baking up all of these treats. And as she measures out flour for her English muffins, you'll notice the pretty glass canisters with hand-written labels. Beautiful and organized—this is the ultimate kitchen.

And if you thought her kitchen was great, just wait until you see her cozy-looking living room, the set of her "Books With Birdie" video series. In this episode, you can caught a glimpse of the cushioned reading lounge beneath the window before the camera pans to show off floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases. As Garner reads to her dog, she relaxes in a chic leather armchair. According to the star's caption on the post, it was a rainy, dreary day in L.A., but inside her sunny home, it looks bright and cheery.

In another episode, Garner and Birdie lounge on a rug beside a crackling fire, and you can spot a regal leather club fireplace fender in the background. File this one under things we didn't even know our dream homes needed. As long as Jennifer Garner keeps baking and reading for her fans, we'll keep watching—and admiring her beautiful home.

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