Plus a free bonus cocktail

By Kat Kinsman
May 31, 2017
Credit: Photo by Kat Kinsman

This article originally appeared on Extra Crispy

You're throwing away the best part of the watermelon, and I'd like to help you out here. Not just to minimize the waste you're discarding willy-nilly into the world, but also because I would like to be the person who introduces you to your new favorite warm weather snack: spicy Instant Pot watermelon rind pickles. Of course I didn't invent watermelon rind pickles; they're a Southern condiment that's been around since time immemorial. But most recipes tend to be pretty sugar-laden and call for sticky stovetop simmering and nah. I want better, faster, and tidier for you than that, so I deployed my dearly beloved Instant Pot and came up with a spicy watermelon rind pickle with which you may swiftly become obsessed.

Pick a small-ish watermelon for the task and save the insides for your standard watermelon stuff. A quick cycle through the pressure cooker with some rind-on lemon slices, a little salt and sugar, and the hot sauce of your choice (I dig Tabasco, but live your own truth) results in tender, sweet, sour, hot, quick pickles that you'll be jamming in your melon hole all season long. Stash them in a little plastic tub in your bag, set them out at parties, or just eat them by the fistful from the fridge.

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Bonus: Any leftover juice makes a marvelous cocktail if you shake it with a little booze.

This Story Originally Appeared On Extra Crispy