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This Is the Dessert Ina Garten Eats Every Night
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Ina Garten is known for her decadent meals. But when it comes to cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, the Barefoot Contessa believes less is more.

In an interview with Time, the Food Network star advised against deep frying your turkey.

"Nobody wants a trip to the hospital," she said of the more on-trend technique. "It's dangerous. You're dealing with a huge cauldron of hot fat, and you're lowering this turkey into it. Just put it in the oven."

Along with her warning about throwing your turkey in the fryer, Garten also shared her go-to Thanksgiving prep method: "Cook your stuffing separately from the turkey to avoid overcooking the bird."

Garten isn't the first TV icon to lament the deep-frying craze. Back in 2015, James Corden shared his "5 Reasons Not to Deep Fry Your Turkey."

Both Garten and Corden were concerned with safety. Corden's first reason was explained using a video of someone starting a fire after lowering their turkey into a bubbling vat of oil. And the fifth? Another video of an even more explosive fire set during a frying attempt.

Another thing you shouldn't buy for your upcoming holiday meal? Grated parmesan. While store-bought is usually "fine" in Garten's book, she also told Time that you should never purchase the pre-cut cheese.

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